Student Exchange

International Students to GSIB

Student Name:Miss.Mareschi Maud

Batch/Year:1st Batch/October -2008


I want to thank all the teachers for their availability outside the class.

All the arrangements in the guest house are so great (washing machine, A/C) that we felt at home.

My trip helped me to understand many things because the way of life is so different and I think I will never be the same girl after this trip, so thanks a lot.

I hope to come back very soon in India

Student Name:Miss.Jennifer Silva


I enjoyed the Classes, even if some subjects were more interesting than others for me.

It was nice to learn lots of things about India and they way of life of Indian people. It is a very good experience for me.

I will remember you all and my trip in India all my life and I hope I will come back in a few years.

Student Name:Mr.Vecchiali Benoit

Student Name:Mr.Farouk BELLO

Batch/Year:2nd Batch/January-2009


Good experience in the School and campus.

Student Name:Miss.Caroline POURCHET


Very interesting courses.

Professors were supportive.

I liked the subjects and the manner in which they were delivered.

Teaching was very good and attractive.

I loved your welcome, very friendly.

Vizag: Beautiful city and very cool, people there are very kind.

I love India and I don’t want to leave.

Thank u everybody for this incredible experience.

Student Name:Miss.Clement Anais Helene Nicole

Batch/Year:3rd Batch/October-2009


Good teachers, who take time to explore each concept and adapt its class for foreign students.

Student Name:Mr.Rozel Matthieu Jean Romain


The quality of hostel accommodation is very good.

Interesting courses but for us the time was too short to acquire knowledge efficiently.

Student Name:Miss.Jhunie BOIREAU

Batch/Year:4th Batch/October-2010

Student Name:Mr.Philippe GIANESSI

Student Name:Miss.Mathilde CHAMBON

Batch/Year:5th Batch/January-2012


I learnt many many things, concepts.

Student Name:Miss.Elodie BESSAUDOU

Student Name:Miss.Anne Sophie PORTE


Teachers are very much accessible to us and very nice interacting with them.

Student Name:Mr.Yann GERMAIN

Student Name:Mr.Timothee AUGUET


Very good infrastructure.

Good teachers taking care of us.

It was a pleasure to live here during four months.

I improved many things and learned many concepts in English

Student Name:Miss.Nandini V.Thuckaram

Batch/Year:6th Batch/October-2012


My experience in GSIB was a wonderful one.

I have enjoyed my time here.

Student Name:Miss.Lala Yveline Roux


Teachers and classmates were very helpful. They took time to explain us and give instructions for all the work we had to do.

I spent good time in the School. Courses such as Financial Management, and EXIM, and WTO were very interesting. I learnt many new things about these courses.

All the staff were friendly and nice to us.

I will never forget this great experience.

Student Name:Miss.Chloe Odette Francoise CERRI

Student Name:Mr.Florian Pierre MINGAS


Teachers were helpful and supportive. They addressed our curiosity and answered all our questions.

The induction week was very interesting and helped us to be comfortable in class and outside GSIB

Student Name:Miss.Caroline Sandrine MIRA

Batch/Year:7th Batch/ October-2013

Student Name:Mr.Cedric Jonathan OLIVEIRA

Student Name: Miss.Charline Monique Suzanne GUBIAN

Batch/Year:8th Batch/January 2014

Student Name:Mr.Guillaume Alain LECHNER

Students from GSIB on Exchange Programme

Student Name:Ms.Jennifer Solomon

Batch/Year:PGDM (IB)-2007-2009


The place is good and even the college is good.

About the lectures they are very simple and can be easily followed.The teaching is very simple and different too.

Some of my classes very informal like the business creativity one, its fun attending them.

Student Name:Mr.Vipul Agarwal

Batch/Year:PGDM (IB)-2007-2009

Student Name:Mr.Rakesh Ippili

Batch/Year:MBA (IB) -2008-2010

Student Name:Mr.Sravan Kumar Sahu

Batch/Year:MBA (IB) -2008-2010

Student Name:Mr.Subhashish Ray

Batch/Year:MBA (IB) -2009-2011


I feel the best part of a student exchange is the opportunity to meet so many students from different countries and in that way the thinking horizon increases tremendously. I would say student exchange (they call it Erasmus here) is something one must experience will be helpful for personal growth and coming out of the comfort and living in a foreign country to manage everything by your own with a smiling face is something one gets to learn and practice

Student Name:Mr.Praween Kumar Singh

Batch/Year:MBA (IB) -2010-2012

Student Name:Mr.Ramakrishna Khandelwal

Batch/Year:MBA (IB) -2010-2012

Student Name:Mr.Ankit Modani

Batch/Year:MBA (IB) -2010-2012

Student Name:Mr.Bandi Mohit Sai Kumar

Batch/Year:MBA (IB) -2012-2014

Student Name:Ms.Akunuri Neenv Raju

Batch/Year:MBA (IB) -2013-2015


The foreign exchange program to Burgundy School of Business, Dijon, was a truly learning experience where I had the opportunity to study under great professors from all over the world, made some really good friends, both Indian and foreigners, visited most of Europe, spent a day at the Europe’s largest Port – Port of Rotterdam, tried to comprehend various cultures and people, learnt a language and most importantly, even if just for a small group of people and a short period of time, represent India and all this wouldn’t have been possible without the opportunity GSIB had given and the continuous encouragement from the Director and the faculty.

Student Name:Ms.Ruchika Mulchandani

Student Name:Ms.Paruchuri Monisha

Student Name:Mr.Shabaaz Hassan

Student Name:Mr.Deepak Mehta

Student Name:Ms.Payal Jain

Student Name:Ms.Nimisha Agarwal

Student Name:Ms.Gandi Himaja

Batch/Year:MBA (IB)-2017-2019

Student Name:Mr.Mohd Noor Alam

Batch/Year:MBA (IB)-2017-2019

Student Name:Ms.Sindhuja Gandi

Batch/Year:MBA (IB)-2017-2019

Student Name:Ms.Sneha Bharathi Burri

Batch/Year:MBA (IB)-2017-2019